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I remember T-Zer0 to be other cd game (with cdda tracks) that I had problems with before.
Somehow it seemed to be te case that, with CacheCDFS, the game wasn't working properly.
It was some kind of other (Commercial ?!) CD File system, demo version that was included with the game and I remember disabling CacheCDFS and using the additional file system (CDplusplusFS or something like that) to get the game to work.
Because I made no special boot floppy etc. for this purpose, it was quite an unpleasing way to play.
So, which CDFilesystem is generally the best for "modern" Amiga cd games (with Audio cdda) ?
I thought CacheCDFS for CD32 Emulation..
How to make a bootable dd floppy with all the essential files included, to try that for some problematic games ? CDplusplus (?!) filesystem, for example ?

How about the role of the Atapi.device file, then..?! I don't remember from where I got mine file, and I don't know, whether it's the version that's recommended to use with A4000D internal Ide controller connected cdrw drive, or not...+?!
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