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Originally posted by Unknown_K
I never thaught demo's were a good indicator of what a machine could do because they used 100% of the resources of the machine just for eye candy and sound. Alot of the cpu power in some games goes for AI of the enemy, storing maps in memory, user interface, different levels and screens etc.


I can tell that AI in current games really take up cpu time like when I play Age Of Empires: The conquerors with 5 computers and 200 units each the xp1500 system slows down a bit.
I assume the AI in amiga games would be fighting for processor power also (and there is less to go around).
But the difference is that the processor on the Amiga would not be bogged down by every task passing through like with the PC. The custom chips allowed the other tasks to be parted out, leaving the CPU free for such operations without having the bottleneck the PC has to deal with.
Originally posted by Mark Wright
I'm a firm believer that the influx of cutesy platform games on the Amiga in 1994-5 was against market demand and lead to many softies pulling out and jumping over to consoles where cutesy games had their natural home (children). At the same time, I think there was a massive demand (which largely went unfulfilled) for more games like Settlers, Syndicate, Gods, etc. which were always very popular with the Amiga's slightly more mature userbase, and were starting to gain ground on the PC thanks to the advent of 3D and faster processors.
I think your personal preference in gaming is skewing your perspective here. I always loved "cutesy platform games", as did all of my friends. None of us were 'children', we just preferred a different genre of gaming than the more serious (too serious, IMHO) gamers. By your rationale, all players of RPGs were AD&D geeks, strategy games were only played by nerds, etc. Likewise, players of the games you mentioned are not neccessarily more "mature" simply because you liked them. Oh, and Gods is considered a platform beat-em-up, so it belongs in the nursery with Nicky Boom.
Originally posted by Mark Wright
But what could the Amiga stalwarts do when all they had in production was yet more cutesy platform games (that had been popular 1-2 years previous and hitherto showed no signs of abating) for a platform that was forced into hiatus?
I think you are overstating the platform games for the Amiga.

In 1994, there were almost 500 games released for the Amiga. Platformers ranked in that queue at about 64 (excluding duplications for multi-hardware releases). Many of those 64 some odd games were mere CD32 or AGA versions of older games.
The total number of 1995 platformers, according to HOL, is 29 (three are dupes and another was unreleased, so that number is actually more like 25). HOL's number for total games published in 1995 comes in at 264. Even once that number has been reduced to actual titles, the contrast is nowhere near the scenario of your speculation, which appears to have been derived from your disdain for the genre.

At the end of the day, the influx of cutesy platformers did not kill the Amiga. Sorry.
Originally posted by Unknown_K
Just for a reference I went to and noted how many games they had listed over a few years for the amiga (to get some kind of idea of the platforms popularity from games released)
As Cody has already pointed out, a PC games site is a terrible resource for Amiga game stats. About like trusting Computer Gaming World for honest Amiga charts...
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