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Originally Posted by Overflow View Post
Im afraid anyone developing anything in Amiga land has to develop a rhinothick skin to deal with the inevitable shitstorm that suddenly hit them.
And this is the issue I am addressing, it's absolutely dismal that this happens, and it does NOT happen on other retro-computer communities. I don't understand the animosity in the Amiga community, it must have to do with being fucked over and over and over in every orifice year after year, with empty promises, vaporware and scams, plus all the drama regarding the ownership of the brand/IP/etc pertaining the computer.

It has grown to be a very bitter crowd that could potentially hurt the creation of the products they are so longing for.

majsta, doubt for no second that what you and kipper do is incredibly appreciated, even by those, like me, who don't consider the Vampire to be right for them. I am sad you guys have to face shit over and over regarding your project.
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