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For what it is worth, here is my experience.

After being on a list for months like everybody I was finally notified that one was allocated for me and my opportunity to pay is now. Paid right away and got a notice next day that my card had shipped. This was March 20th.

After a few weeks started thinking something wrong as most shipments for me from the UK or Germany don't take longer than that. I was frustrated as to not knowing contact info or tracking number. Somebody told me to go on to Apollo chat and talk to Majsta.

He was right there and told me to be patient as there was difficulties with the current relations in our countries and gave me a tracking number. After a few more weeks I started thinking they may have screwed up order or shipment was lost.

On day 31 it arrived and the mailing date was exactly what I was told.
So for me everything went as well as it could have possibly done and feel I have dealt with honorable people. What else can you ask for.

As far as people getting upset a bit about this it is really not a bad thing in a way.
I wish I had a product that people were beating down the doors wanting to buy and their only negative feeling is not getting it fast enough.

Now as far as policies and customs checks and the like, not liking so much.
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