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Originally Posted by Sinphaltimus View Post
And there are people who paid yesterday who will get theirs sooner. That just feels rotten at first and is easily explained away.
First of all I wasn't referring to your post specifically, no.

Second, that is only because they bought from a different source.
The people who paid (more) yesterday and will get theirs sooner are the ones that bought from Amiga Kit, not the ones that bought from Apollo Team directly. If you go on eBay and buy a Vampire, you will get it sooner too. You'll pay the price for lack of patience though.

When you bought from Apollo you knew there was a queue and that you will get served whenever there was availability of hardware to do so. Nobody tricked you into thinking that you'd get something at a certain point but you didn't.

I do think the channel of communication on individual orders can be improved, but not at the cost of taking away from production time and prolonging the wait.
I don't know why that would take way from production time, I do agree that perhaps communication could be better, if people are receiving messages that lead them to think there's stock when all that is ready is the Apollo team ready to take your order.

But again I want to remark this is two guys making the bulk of the work here, manufacturing the cards, manning the orders and everything (I don't really understand the process anymore because I thought they had involved a manufacturing company and this is what made the rices rise) and a LOT of slack should be cut for them because it's a shit ton of work. Issues with ordering and communication are bound to happen.

And if people keep badgering about this kind issue publicly, and creating stress for the developers, people will push them out and we'll end up empty-handed. Kipper had already expressed discomfort with the situation and said he'd quit, and we don't want that.
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