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Octamed SoundStudio slowdown since 3.4.0

(sorry for my English)

I noticed that starting with version 3.4.0b1 (until the last beta), winuae slowed down when I played the modules in OctamedSoundStudio. I do not know if I will explain well (especially since I can not speak English very well and help me google-translate).

I am using Octamed SoundStudio 1.03c. When I load the module (protracker or even midi) during playback, scrolling notes like jumping during the display (it's not smooth). I have tried different combinations of settings: JIT ON/OFF, RTG/PAL, Direct3D/DirectDraw ... it is always the same. I just noticed that if in Octamed I turn on mixing in the channels (Settings => Miscellanous => Use mixing) then it is OK. In 4Ch mode it slows down. It slows down even more when I move the mouse while playing music.

In version 3.3.0 everything is OK.

I do not know if I explained it well, so I include the video (I know it may not be viewed) and the logs from both versions.

3.3.0 OK: [ Show youtube player ]
3.5.0b10 SLOW: [ Show youtube player ]

I'm using WinXP/32bit.
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