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Originally Posted by demoniac View Post
It seems to me that the basis for your accusation that R.J. is lying is from you quoting his alleged, "If I have to choose between the truth and telling a good story - I prefer to tell a good story," statement, which I have not seen the actual source.
In my post #52 I leave audio link where you can hear him saying this: link - jump to 13 minute.
I am trying to document with sources every claim I make; just pay attention.
Originally Posted by demoniac View Post
If R.J. did make that statement say 20 years ago, there is little proof that he is of the same mindset today and would continue with the "lies."
Yes, he is. He told same story lately: latest blatant lie is in Viva Amiga movie where he and Dave Nedeele continue to promote this idea that Jack Tramiel wanted Amiga to get revenge on Commodore by snapping Amiga and... bla, bla. Just watch it.

Originally Posted by demoniac View Post
I think that R.J. likes to story tell and might not remember all the exact minute details, but I don't think completely fabricate things up. This is from personal interactions with him.
From all Amiga team members, R J Mical take role of telling "great" stories to Amiga users. He love to do this, he is good at that, only problem is that he is telling stories that have nothing common with reality in many cases, and that he made villain from Jack Tramiel.
My point of view is, like you already could read, is that he and Dave Needle were pissed on Jack since both work at Epyx on game handle console that become Atari Lynx and they were not happy with "giving" it to Atari Corp. R J Mical and Dave Needle are two most vocal people that saying bad things about Jack. They have not single good thing to say about Jack (Dave Hayne have at least something good to say for Jack Tramiel).

Since R J Mical was not involved in business negotiation it is quite possible that Dave Morse present them (rest of Amiga team), like someone suggest, a little bit twisted true since he was the one that did not "honor" (breach) Atari Inc - Amiga Corp agreement (which is absolutely understandable since Atari Inc. would go to Jack Tramiel hands and he already had plans for RockBottomPrice computer, aka ST, and Amiga would go probably nowhere).

Note that Commodore at the end admit that they with Dave Morse, was the one who breach Atari Inc.-Amiga Corp. agreement by paying Atari Corp. undisclosed amount of money in of-courte settlement and by paying for all lawsuits expenses.

Originally Posted by demoniac View Post
What statements that you think R.J. has made that are completely false?
e.g. (from my previous post):

R J Mical claims that it was Jack behind this deal and that Jack gave Amiga 500.000$. From Atari Inc - Amiga Corp. copy of contract you can see that Warner owned Atari gave money to Amiga and sign contract.

R J Mical said that Atari Inc offer Amiga 1$ per share, than 0.8$... when in contract is stated 3$ per share and there was no additional "offers" or blackmailing like R J Mical suggest.
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