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Originally Posted by kovacm View Post
He was not CEO, not he was involved in negotiations but he has no problem to go around and spread LIES! (on positive note is that he admit that he would rather make up story than tell truth but problem is that people take his STORIES for truth!)

So how many stories did he tell to the public that are lies? This is real question. I am pointing only on his own words.
It seems to me that the basis for your accusation that R.J. is lying is from you quoting his alleged, "If I have to choose between the truth and telling a good story - I prefer to tell a good story," statement, which I have not seen the actual source.

If R.J. did make that statement say 20 years ago, there is little proof that he is of the same mindset today and would continue with the "lies."

I think that R.J. likes to story tell and might not remember all the exact minute details, but I don't think completely fabricate things up. This is from personal interactions with him.

What statements that you think R.J. has made that are completely false?
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