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I'm assuming this :

" People are assuming that Amigakit skipped lines and got stock before other people in line, which is untrue."

Is from my post.

I should clarify.... I do not assume Amiga Kit skipped lines. The customer experience here is that there are people like me who paid months ago and are still waiting. And there are people who paid yesterday who will get theirs sooner. That just feels rotten at first and is easily explained away.

I also clarified that I live with this and my frustrations are my own. No issues with Apollo or Amiga Kit, the "experience" of this just felt bad up front. I paid for my spot in line and I paid less than many, I'll live with that without any ill words towards anyone. I do think the channel of communication on individual orders can be improved, but not at the cost of taking away from production time and prolonging the wait.

Just want to be clear from my end.
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