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Originally Posted by grond View Post
If somebody gets asked for payment and there is no card for this person, it is a mistake already.
I disagree. As I said with my example with the 1541 Ultimate, I paid well before there was any cartridge available. People don't seem to understand this way of developing hobbyist devices like this. My second 1541U-II, a Plus model, I also paid and had to wait at least 4 months for production to start again and get a unit about half a year later in total. No complaints from me: I GOT the unit and it's fantastic.

It seems to me here that the problem isn't that people pay and then stuff is produced and they don't get it. There is a queue and people's orders get fulfilled in order. There is no "payment in limbo", I have not really heard of a single person who paid and got scammed/got no Vampire. They all eventually get it.

Majsta said in this very thread: "Cards sent to AmigaKit were from first batch so they waited to get them like anyone else". People are assuming that Amigakit skipped lines and got stock before other people in line, which is untrue.

I think it is FINE and understandable to pay beforehand even if there's no current availability of the product. It assures that a new batch gets produced and whenever it is available, no matter when that is, you get it. People are assuming that being asked to pay means that a card is ready to ship to them, when I think it is pretty clear (to me, but maybe the team needs to communicate it better) that payment ASSURES YOU a spot in that queue and puts you on a "getting a card in due turn of the queue for sure" situation.
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