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Guys, please, make peace with the idea that this accelerator is made by two guys on the time they have available, which seems rather little.

If you really want this thing, and to support its creators, stop being "pissed off" about it. Because you know what is gonna happen if people keep complaining like this? Vampire will cease to exist, or at least, the two guys working on them constantly right now, will quit it, and it will all go in limbo.

Please try to change the way you think about purchasing one of these and, more importantly, the way you express yourself about this frustration. Best case scenario, you shouldn't be frustrated at all.
It's not like ordering from a high street store. There are waits involved, advance payments you have to do with a "leap of faith", and errors and overwhelmed makers trying to build as many of these as they can while juggling their everyday activities in real life too.

As a comparison, I waited a shit ton of time for my first 1541 Ultimate II from the moment I placed my order and also a bunch of months after payment for my second one after I had just missed a production run. I never complained, and I am very happy with my devices. And these are manufactured by a factory in China nowadays, yet still there is this one guy trying to deal with it all in his spare time.

Perhaps for the Apollo Team, there's some advice here too, regarding communication. Like, saying "your card is ready" but not currently having one, is confusing and I understand why people would get upset. So a simple change of wording could ease off a lot of stress for them.

Anyway, I think everyone needs to cool off a little bit before this gets bad
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