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Originally Posted by wmsteele View Post
@grond - I paid on the 29th March for a Vampire v500 v2+ TODAY majsta told me that I will just have to wait... 'Demand is too high' So why send an email saying your card is ready and please pay asap!?!
Did he send a card and told you to just wait until it arrived? Or did he overlook your payment and not send one at all? In either case you will have to wait some more but in the latter case an apology would seem in place. Knowing Igor I'm sure he would have apologised but you may, of course, still be displeased with the situation. AFAIK the standard procedure is to send an email to the next say x*(1+0.n) people in the line when a batch of x cards arrived from the factory and ask them to pay within a certain period of time and then skip those of them who did not pay in time. Quite a few people seem to have lost interest in retrocomputing during the waiting time or don't have the money now which means that there are always people who don't want a card anymore or not at this point in time. Thus, some who pay late may get skipped and, as always where people are working, mistakes happen and payments can get overlooked altogether (in my experience this happens especially to very early payments, have had this several times myself when buying stuff online...).
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