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When I paid for my card on March 31th I was told one was allocated for me which I took to mean it would be built to order for me. Delivery time frame was within 3 months and I would receive tracking info upon request.

So I have a little over a month more to wait for shipping according to that communication.

I understand Amiga Kit may have paid for and been waiting since before March31st, but it felt like the end user customers who purchased them yesterday have essentially "Cut the line at the grocery store". I'm in agreement that prepaid end users agreements should have been fulfilled prior to retail fulfilments in this case because it just feels bad. But I've slept on it and...

In the end, it comes down to this.

Those who needed it ASAP resorted to the highest prices via ebay.
Those who needed it now resorted to an elevated price via Amiga Kit.
Those who wanted it for the lowest possible price (me) just have to wait longer.

I was pretty pissed off last night to know these orders have been fulfilled for 200 end users and they'll have their cards within 10 days or so. But after sleeping on it, I realize it's just my impatience and low funds I'm frustrated with.

Like waiting for christmas when you have a bunch of Jewish friends I suppose. *shrugs*.

Just thought I'd voice that. And if it gets hung up in Customs for a month, I won't have it in hands until the end of July, assuming it ships out on time.

So there's that.
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