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Yeah, it's all up to date. Tried different ports and a different mouse, do not have a different controller but even with the controller unplugged I get the input lag. I don't even have to try games - I discovered late last night that it happens with the demo also.

I think I'm going to give up on the emulation side since the most important part of it was to setup a CF/SD card in Cf adaptor for use in my real Amiga just wanted to get used to things in classicWB ahead of time.

What I will do at some point just to try and figure this out more is to set this all up on a different computer to see what happens, like Windows 7 or something. I don't have any performance issues on anything else I run on this PC so it's definitely limited to WinUAE even if it is a windows 10 issue in how it's interacting with it. Seems the inputs are using too much Amiga emulated CPU and that's what's causing the stutter. Like sudden CPU spikes in WinUAE are not translating fast enough or something.
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