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Originally Posted by kirk_m View Post
This is the biggest load of shite...if they knew this was going to happen (which, of course, the team did), they shouldn't have continued sending out emails that "your vampire is ready, pay now." I could have gotten mine in 10 days from Amigakit, instead of having to wait over a month for it to clear customs from a country that is on the red list, where any package from that area has to be opened and searched before it can enter the mainland of the USA.
And while waiting is never fun, I do think this is a good thing for the future of the project. It will offload the Apollo Team the transaction/packaging/shipping part of the project, and free up time for production and development.
I realise being the one that ends up between two chairs in a transition period is never fun, but on a big picture scale, this change is good for everyone.

Like everyone else, it took months between ordering and shipping, but thats a faint memory now, and I now focus on the positive sides of having a Vampire.
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