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Eek Virtual Ball Fighters problem

Hey, a nice game!
But every time the level Sunset is loaded ( music enabled),
The game brings you back to the wb, with error request regarding cd audio playing; " Direct X error, last track reached" or something like that. Once you confirm therequester with mouse button click, you can go back to the game, but it has hung and you have to reboot.
I know some games ( TSotTM) can be configured more sophistically, regarding cd audio playing.

So, how could I overcome this problem ?
I like the game and I like the cd music too, so disabling music is not an option for me.
-Maybe it would be possible with an Arexx script
or something ?

Im using OS 3.9 with bbs installed, and Cachecdfs.
Would an alternate cd file system help, or is it my A4000s internal Ide bus related / drive problem ?
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