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Toni Wilen
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Beta 10:

- Version bumped to 3.5.0. .x was only reserved for minor bug fix versions.
- GUI listview column width calculation used default font size, not selected font.
- Z3 autoconfig in Z3 space didn't support documented byte write to 0x44 config register. (KS ROM always uses word write)
- Manual RAM configuration GUI end address validation was incorrect. Now end address can be smaller than total RAM board size.
- Fixed A2090(a) ST-506 emulation, last accessed LBA status field must be always filled if read/write/format command, added disable ST-506 option. (ROM driver checks bit in autoconfig data if ST-506 is available)
- MMU emulation can be now switched on/off on the fly. (Of course AmigaOS will crash if MMU is switched off and MMU is used for Map ROM etc..)
- MMU PTEST in 68040 mode without MMU emulation now checks transparent translation registers and returns correct physical address, now Enforcer initializes correctly in non-MMU mode and does not cause crash due to wrong MMU tables if MMU is later switched on.
- Fixed Blizzard accelerator crash if memory size was zero (don't map empty maprom space)
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