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Wow. OK, I did that. I noticed the stuttering whenever Pinball dreams loads. Once gameplay starts, it's all fine and dandy playing with KB, as soon as I start messing with the game controller, the game starts to get stuttery again but not bad. It does happen though. Attached logs.

EDIT: Play PBDreams without touching the controller under A500 Quick Start is jittery.

EDIT2: It's as if my computer can't handle it. I've disabled Antivirus and Process Lasso. CPU Util will go as high as 67% but it doesn't seem to coincide with the jitter of the games. All my HDDs are SSD.

EDIT3: Happens with mouse movement too. If I move mouse and joystick on gamepad at same time, it's even worse.

EDIT4: Also, the CPU percentage in the UAE screen will sit at 0% with music and title screens, as soon as I start moving the mouse on these same screens, the CPU % spikes randomly, anywhere between 25% and 67% is what I've seen so far. Causing the jitters.
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