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Dungeons of Avalon I & II - Create a new hero...

Heya guys,

I'm sure I'm being a muppet here, but how do you create / use new heroes in these 2 games:

... Dungeons Of Avalon
... Dungeons Of Avalon II: The Island Of Darkness

Firstly I copied both game .IPFs --> .ADFs. Load these and then start a new game followed by:

1. Create a new hero.
2. Choose the race.
3. Choose the class.
4. Type in a name and press <Enter>.

I then have the following screen:

If I press "New" then I get different stats. If I press "Ok" it's goes back to the start of the process...

I've tried clicking / dragging the hero to one of the square and various other things. Help!!!
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