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I've always received good service from AmigaKit but I stopped having anything to do with A-EON back during their Xena marketing fiasco. The Xena chip was clearly useless for 99.9% of OS4 users but was billed as a powerful co-processor that users and the OS could take advantage of. Anyone who read the specs of that chip and listened to A-EON's marketing hype knew that dishonesty was afoot. And the high hardware prices for A-EON hardware are/were ludicrous. I bought a complete, brand new PegII system from Bill Buck shortly before the X1000 was released and I only paid $700 for it. So I don't want to hear any more excuses about small production runs and scarce CPU's causing higher prices. A-EON has clearly overplayed this as a selling point/excuse for extraordinarily high prices. Bill's production numbers were immensely lower than A-EON's and he still delivered a quality "system", not just an overpriced, under-powered motherboard.

I suspect that Amiga On the Lake was promised some X5000 boards from A-EON and AmigaKit but the promises weren't kept, but I can't blame AmigaKit since they're a reseller of A-EON hardware. If my suspicions are correct then all the blame should be placed on A-EON.

But whatever the case, we've all come to expect crooked lawyers, lies, patent trolling and back-stabbing when it comes to anything associated with the Amiga name....classic or NG.
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