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@IFW. So the Akiko chip didn't resolve matters? I was always curious about it after The One,(& the other Amiga gaming mags), raved about it being in the CD32,& potentially allowing proper 256 colour PC style GFX for Syndicate,Wing Commander,Legends of Valour etc. 3D style ehanced games that the "normal" AGA amiga's couldn't handle at the time for the reasons you outlined.

After initial promises of enhanced ports of Syndicate,& Magic Carpet,Inferno,TFX etc. & other such intensive games,I was always curious how plans were quietly dropped-whilst the was the Amiga market meltdown,I was curious if maybe the "Chunky planer/byte per pixel", issues bandied about involving the Amiga's latter days groaning with these types of games, had actually been fixed by the Akkiko chip.
Were there any games that ever used it,I wonder? I know there was an enhanced Wing Commander in the CD32 CBM bundle.
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