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Floppy disk

To be able to recover such disks you'll need:
  1. Microstepping to reach the sectors otherwise covered by noise between the tracks.
  2. Software that reassembles the disk using the sectors headers, which contains track and sector information, which FloppyControlApp does from the beginning, even before it could use microstepping.
I'm not sure Kryoflux or SCP are capable of doing so, to my understanding they keep retrying until the entire track is read 100%, but ignore good sectors if there's one bad one on the same track basically. This is good from an archival stand point, but not so good for data recovery. I know Kryoflux also has advanced analysis software but I couldn't find details about the features it provides. If anyone knows, I'd be interested to hear about it. There's the stream function of course, which just records the flux transitions with errors included, with good/bad sectors, but it won't be able to recover a misaligned disk completely.

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