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Floppy disk

Originally Posted by prowler View Post
It should be straightforward enough to recover Amiga floppies once the disks have been cemented to the hub, but it will surely more difficult to read the data from PC floppies without specialist equipment, unless the index mark for each track is restored to exactly the same position as previously relative to the reference hole in the hub.

This is not necessary with Amiga floppies, of course, because the index mark is positioned randomly.
That is only a small part of the problem. If the disk is off center, no system, be it PC or Amiga, will read the disk correctly. Tracks will look like this to the system, see the image below. But you're correct that the problem is bigger for systems depending on an index signal.

  1. The system will see some wrong tracks/sectors on the expected track
  2. The system will not be able to read the sector where there's noise (which is the noise between the tracks).
  3. The system will not be able to reassemble the correct tracks/sectors as a track on the Amiga is decoded as a whole, not sector by sector.

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