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I thought the discussion was if Tramiel was a good guy or not? I read that all employees loved him. Or else in a capitalist country Irvine Gould had the right to send Tramiel home, as he was owning the company and clearly Tramiel was mismanaging it.
Of course he had rights. Irvin send Jack home because Jack did not want to allow him to destroy company (which he eventually did). Atari ST would have much stronger support (money, technically, brand...) if it was produced by Commodore.

Originally Posted by nobody View Post
Maybe the truth is that employees left from Commodore after Jack fled because they were his block inside the company and probably soon after they would get fired too
Maybe... now you are the one that speculating

Try to put on paper how many high-profile key people left Commodore for Atari Corp (you have this in Atari history file link that I left in previous post) in mid 80s.

After some high-profile employees departure Commodore they would put interim as replacement until they could find proper substitute for position.

you can find bunch of similar stories of people that left Commodore for Atari Corp.

News paper from the time call this: exodus from Commodore (not persecution or similar).

to see how Jack Tramiel was you need to hear and other side, not just R J Mical and Dave Needle (repeated by Dave Haynie). I suggest you movie 8-bit generation: The Commodore Wars:

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