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Originally Posted by roondar View Post
A short note here on facts:
Claiming all evidence contrary to your position is to be mistrusted and all evidence that you bring to the table as trustworthy is a logical fallacy. Just because you feel your evidence is more valuable than the evidence the other side brings to the table doesn't actually make your evidence any more or less true.
What "trustworthy" evidence?

Atari Inc - Amiga Corp. copy of contract sign by Warner owned Atari Inc. vs R J Mical claims that it was Jack behind this deal and that Jack gave Amiga 500.000$ ???

Or what R J Mical said that Atari Inc offer Amiga 1$ per share, than 0.8$... when in contract is stated 3$ per share???

What more evidence do you want?

R J Mical is LIAR, like I stated before, and what he said for himself.
Problem is that people believe him and took his word for truth!

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