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Originally Posted by kovacm View Post
Pages about Amiga/Atari/Jack are full of false claims and are complete mess on this topic!

Until recently, before I change it, Amiga article stated that Jack Tramiel sign deal with Amiga Corp. and HE lend 500.000$ to Amiga !!!!!!! anyway, there is a lot of work to set fact right since R J Mical story is widely accepted as "true" story although come from man that say: "If I have to choose between the truth and telling a good story - I prefer to tell a good story"

I spent quite some time on topic, but real and complete story have Marty Goldberg and Curt Vendel since they collect every possible paper from Atari Inc./Atari Corp and wrote a book based on hard evidence.
On "talk page" at wikipedia you have Marty G. explained what happened with Amiga/Atari deal. Also I urge you to read part of book his that I left in previous post.

You should read complete article from author od "Darth Vader" prank Landon Dyer:
Jack Tramiel called a meeting. We didn’t often meet with him, and it was a big deal. He started by saying, “I hear you are unhappy.” Think of a deep, authoritarian voice, a lot like Darth Vader, and the same attitude, pretty much.
Sorry, Jack, things aren’t going all that hot. We tried to look humble, but we probably just came across as tired.
“I don’t understand why you are unhappy,” he rumbled. “You should be very happy; I am paying your salary. I am the one who is unhappy. The software is late. Why is it so late?”

Young and idealistic, I piped up: “You know, I don’t think we’re in this for the money. I think we just want to ship the best computer we can –”

Jack shut me down. “Then you won’t mind if I cut your salary in half?”

I got the message. He didn’t even have to use the Force.
Yes, totally opposite from Amiga team stories full of love and happiness but from this you can see that Jack far fair and realistic.
btw Landon never before met Jack before he made a "Darth Vader" prank.

Other notes:
Yes, Jack did want to skip "expensive" specialized stores and want to lower the end price of computer as much as possible so he can sell as much as possible computers - "for the classes, not for the masses!" so yes, at the end specialized computer stores had to compete with mass merchandise stores so it is natural that they get pissed of on Jack.

Jack respect his employees and share with them. How would you explain that half of Commodore employees WILLINGLY follow him to TTL and later Atari Corp. if he was such bad boss??? He like to mention that he made more millionaires than any other company in 80s.

I am not going to add a huge deal here, just one thing: the page I referred to has sources for all it's claims (like usual for Wikipedia) and these sources are not 'Amiga fan stuff'. The short version being that I really see little need to disbelieve those statements. Both the Wikipedia account and your quotes can be true.

A short note here on facts:
Claiming all evidence contrary to your position is to be mistrusted and all evidence that you bring to the table as trustworthy is a logical fallacy. Just because you feel your evidence is more valuable than the evidence the other side brings to the table doesn't actually make your evidence any more or less true.

It might be wise to remember that.
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