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Originally Posted by nobody View Post
You are based so much on speculation and false facts. Tramiel established "Tramel technology" corporation directly after leaving Commodore, that was renamed to Atari.
I am certainly not the one that base something on speculation. You have links for everything.

TTL ( Tramel Technology, Ltd. ) was founded on May 17.:
44 days before Atari Inc. take over was finalized or 4 MONTHS AFTER leaving Commodore

Do the math! and do NOT speculate and bring false facts!

here you have complete and detailed history of TTL/Atari Corp.:

Originally Posted by nobody View Post
Then you say he wasn't going on business again.
Then he bought a whole computer company!!? (for free)
Yes. That is exactly what I am saying.

There is reason for this.

Tramiel took a trip around world with his wife Helen after he left Commodore (even Irving Gould said that he is tired: "Jack has been working unceasingly here, and he was just tired,'' [url=]link[/link]). Unfortunate, I can not find exact article about this trip right now, but Jimmy Maher also wrote about his trip around world:

Why Jack Tramiel change his mind and return in business?

Because he got Atari practically for nothing (you can find exactly terms of deal on internet)!

Steve Ross urge Jack cut the trip as Warner was in hurry to get rid of Atari since they lose 450$ million in last quarter (you have data in link at NYtimes that I left in previous post)! As soon as he got offer from Steve Ross, he began plans for future (which include planing of RBP: "Rock Bottom Price" computer aka ST).

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