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Originally Posted by nobody View Post
How can you tell rj mical is saying lies? You have any proof or just spreading sh1t around?
Of course I have proof.

Everything is very good documented in Marty Goldberg and Curt Vendel book "Atari Inc: Business is Fun" (read this section regarding Commodore / Atari Inc. / Amiga / Atari Corp. events in 1984!).

But lets start with R J Mical fairy tale story that he repeat zillion times:

"Tramiel had recently left Commodore in a huff and bought Atari "undercover" so that by the time he left C= he was already CEO of Atari."
LIE. Jack Tramiel left Commodore in January 1984. link NYtimes
After he quit Commodore he had no plans to entering computer business.
He went on holiday, trip around the world, with his wife Helen, when Steven J. Ross of Warner Communications (owner of Atari Inc.) called him and urge him to cut the trip and come back in USA.
He bought Atari Inc. on 1. July 1984. (link NYtimes)
There is a gap of almost six months! Jack had no intention of entering computer business or getting revenge on Commodore. Atari Inc. was losing 1.000.000$ per day and Warner was in hurry to get rid of it and Jack accepted on terms that he will run Atari for two years, and then they will negotiate price of company.
"Realising that Commodore was coming out with their own hot game machine, Tramiel figured he'd revenge himself on them for dumping him by buying Amiga Inc. and driving C= down the tubes with "his" superior product. "
No, like a explain above: Jack would not go back to business if Warner Communication would not insist on selling Atari Inc. to him.

Beside, deal between Atari Inc. and Amiga Corp. had nothing with Jack Tramiel! It was signed on 6. March 1984. (link to contract) and in contract you will see that Atari Inc. offer 3$ per share, not 1$ like R J Mical claim that Atari offer!
"So Atari gave them half a million just for negotiating for a month; that money was gone in a day. Of course Tramiel saw that Amiga Inc. wasn't in a very good bargaining position"
Like we see, Jack Tramiel had nothing with Atari Inc. Amiga Corp. contract...
"So he offered them 98 cents a share; Dave Morse held out for $2.00. But instead of bargaining in good faith, every time Morse and Amiga tried to meet them halfway their bid went down!"
bla, bla... just more lies and make up stories (see contract above).
R J Mical speak at the Boston Computer Society meeting in Cambridge

From R. J. Mical mouth: "if it comes down to which is more interesting, fact or story, I go with a story!" audio link (jump to 13min.) just listen to his own words.

end result of this R J Mical "stories" is seen in e.g. movie VivaAmiga where they put Jack picture while they are talking about Atari Inc. - Amiga Corp. deal! They even make fake newspaper about Atari Inc. Amiga deal in movie!!! This thing simple go to far! (not to mention Kim Justice videos full of blatantly lies about Jack Tramiel...)

and end result of R J Mical and Dave Needle hatred toward Jack is also this discussion that we have. But it is ok, there some of us that are determine to show the truth and set story right.
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