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Guilty !

I got an Atari 520 STF I must say that i really enjoy it. My first step into the "scene" was on Atari. Believe me, there is lot of marvellous demos on this computer. For example they often used a so called "main menu" which became in some demos a small game where you can choose the different part. As Amiga, i think this computer also have a soul... well people give him one.
I sold it to get my A500 (one year later) and i was really impressed by the sound !

For people who would like to find again the ST feeling on their amiga, they should try the B.I.G demo converted by MrStyckx (available on Aminet) and enjoyed all those Mad Max tunes

BTW is anybody know an ST emulator on Amiga ? I got Chameleon and another one in the past but unfortunately i lost them
I think they was really crap but i would like to see again if it's possible to do something with them.

A bit sad there's no good ST emulator for Amiga user... certainly due to this stupid war between them

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