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OK, so finally I managed to have some free time and tried the demo. Here's some feedback:

Basically, I share LeCaravage's feelings. I also liked the demo and found it fun to play around. Graphically it seems to be without reproach, being very pleasant to the eye. However, I also think that the difference between the two characters should be more than just cosmetic. Each character should have it's difference signature move (the aforementioned fist-to-the-head for Spencer is a must), Spencer should be stronger and Hill should be faster. As the game stands (both playable characters play exactly the same) makes the game a bit repetitive. Another way of fighting (no pun) repetitiveness is to add different baddies, all with their special signature characteristic (some block, others are very strong, etc. Double Dragon and Final Fight got this one right, for instance). In a scrolling beat'em-up, more variety between baddies is a must (but I'm sure we see so little here because this is only a demo). The music is beautiful but somehow seems out of tone with the characters (I keep "hearing" late 70's to early 80's bar tunes when I think of Bud Spencer and Terence Hill).

Overall, the game seems to be great! Even if it was finished as-is. But if you add the mentioned characteristics then the game will transcend its current level and become a truly great one.

Many thanks for developing this game for us! Cheers.
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