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Benefactor hangs when loading a level

Hello all!

On Monday I played a bit with Benefactor using the code given for the EAB/Lemon competition and the game worked fine.

Yesterday I tried to start from the last level I played on Monday, but once inserted the code, I clicked on "play game" and it hanged in the "accessing" screen.

The only thing I could do was power off the computer.

Then I tried again with a different code with the same result. I also tried to do the same with my copy of Benefactor (I own the game and I installed it on my hard drive a few months ago) and now it doesn't work either but I remember that it worked well when I've played it last time.

At the end I tried to start from the first level and it worked so it seems that there is something wrong with the codes or maybe with those levels...

Does anyone know what can be happening to the game and, above all, what I can do in order to play the game?

Thanks in advance!

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