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I remember trying the shareware version of Doom on my dad's computer and after playing it trying to convince myself that it wasn't that great of a game because my A1200 was obviously "better". I was a real Amiga zealot and could never admit that there were actually some cool PC games that the Amiga could never do. After that, I still wished the Amiga had something like Doom to show off to the PeeCee users so I'd download all the latest Doom-clone attempts off Aminet hoping a talented programmer could squeeze smooth fullscreen 3D out of my A1200. The closest one I found was Breathless which ran decent on my computer but I never payed much attention to the later games because they required fast accelerators.

It'd be interesting to set up a web site documenting the attempts to bring 3D games to the Amiga. It was interesting watching the progression to better and better engines.

Games I remember:

Gloom Deluxe
Alien Breed 3D
Alien Breed TKG
Trapped 1 & 2
Nemac IV
Genetic Speices

Any more commercial ones?
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