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Originally Posted by Minuous View Post
Cloanto have made no improvements to the OS; see my previous post. And selling a freeware emulator is not doing much for the community either.

Hyperion on the other hand have at least tried to improve the OS; I disagree with some of the business and technical decisions they have made and of course the pace of development is disappointing (and I do think OS4 would have likely been better if developed by H&P as per the original plan) but I would not put them in the same basket as Cloanto by any means.

Cloanto supports several Free and open source projectje like AmigaSys and UAE. So they use Free software they helped, augmented with a more user friendly package. Would it have been better to simply use it without supporting it? Invest that money in additions that would be for them alone and not for the community?

Hyperion on the hand only made software to fill their own pockets. No problem with that, but it doesn't do much for the community. Especially since they locked that software in a dead-end architecture and will probably only go away when A-Eon will develop new hardware around a new platform and then sell it exclusively locked to that platform.
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