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I was able to backup my 50MB HDD using Claonto's Amiga Explorer and a null modem cable between the Amiga and PC. So I have an HDF of my HDD but still can't get Win-UAE to boot it up. I'm guessing because it has the original scsi.device for my GVP controller. I don't know how to do any GVP controller emulation in Win-UAE - I think I read someplace it has it but haven't had the opportunity to research enough yet.

However, the hdf created by Amiga Explorer should work by drag and drop back to a real amiga to disaster recovery. Another nice side effect is floppy to adf conversion and being able to copy your real Amiga rom in to a .rom file.

Either way, I think experimenting with an hdf of your original hard drive is safe that the actual hard drive and if you can figure out how to get the hdf to work, then the same method might work on the real one - lowering risk of losing data on the real one while trying to get it to work directly connected to the Amiga.

Also, another note. I dug up an old SCSI card AHA-2940 not long ago and plugged it into my Windows 10 box with hacked drivers I found. It works. I use it to configure my SD card for the SCSI/SD adaptor now on my A500. I haven't attempted to connect the old 50MB hdd to it and fire up WinUAE but I'm willing to try this weekend and report back if an old SCSI card is in your future. (assuming the A4000 HDDS are SCSI). I also have a spare or two laying around and will beat any ebay final price if you're that inclined.

EDIT: Just offering and throwing some other options out there.

EDIT2: Oh, I see, you need PATA - Maybe one of these?
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