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Originally Posted by wawa View Post
i think these payments, given they actually happen, may be mostly symbolic, in particular in comparison to an appropriate salary.

as example these days an updated port of a freespace has been published. on a german forum i have heard who actually contributed to this and im not sure if they have been rewarded for their work, at least probably not all of them.

considering this and the other obvious fact, that enterprises do not produce money, they can actually only redistribute some part of their actual income to the developers they contract, it occures to be really more effective and sensible to reward and support the developers directly. the community simply needs to reconsider their attitudes. if one wants progress one should contribute either some work or something which makes this work possible instead of simply be buying gadgets.

I don't say it would be impossible. But most of the people would rather spend money on hardware or a finished product, then pay money to develop something that might not be of their choosing.
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