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Floppy disk Repairing floppy disk video

Something that I came across when recovering my floppy disks is that some disk donuts got separated from the metal hub. At first I thought the disks were a total loss until I developed a way to fully recover them. It's a two step process:
  1. Glue the donut back to the metal hub
  2. Capture the disk using a modified floppy drive where the drive head is controlled by FloppyControlApp using microstepping. This allows smaller steps to be taken and fully recover all data.
Read more about it on my blog:

See this video for the whole process:
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Here's a video about properly cleaning floppy disks. I've been able to read very dirty, fungus infested disks by using this cleaning method. I've designed an 3D printable cleaning kit to help in the process.
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I hope you find these videos useful!
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