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Originally Posted by ludamus View Post
Hi All,

I hope you can help, I have a vague memory of a demo I bought from a shop in Brierley Hill (West Midlands) called "Mr Disk" (no longer there) .

Any how this was a music demo, all that I can remember is when the demo loaded it showed In effect an empty stage with drums, guitar and ambient lights for the set . It was all done in 2D, the music then followed in which the lights changed for "ambiance".

To be fair the graphics were naff , but I remember the music being fantastic .

I know this is a tenuous with a vague description but if any one an help I would appreciate it , ive spent hours scouring the internet to no avail and its driving me nuts. Probably this weekend I will dig out the amiga and run through the hundreds of disks I have in attempt to search..... and if i'm luck I might find those ....ahem (stag disks).

Thanks all
not that much information!
can you remember the year, which system, A500, A1200?
Have you tried to find your MusicDemo via

By the way, can you dump your collection, maybe there is rare/unknown stuff among?
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