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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
The job of updating/maintaining the operating system can be taken by the community. People from the community like Olaf BArthel are the ones actually doing any work as consultants. We don't need these IP/brand vultures at all. They amount to absolutely nothing in bettering/preserving the Amiga platform, the community as a whole has done a much better job at it than neither of them.

Don't forget the community is willing to pay for products, but paying a developer is another story. The "vultures" make the products and pay those developers.

The community would, I think at least, do nothing and accomplish nothing. We wouldn't be able to set a course, we wouldn't be able to define standards, we wouldn't be able to even get a one way to go.

You can say what you want from Cloanto, but they appear to have at least payed some support for AROS and WinUAE. And they developed "AmigaOS" 3.1 into 3.X (there are a number of improvements in there).
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