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Originally Posted by wawa View Post
i think you must know my standard answer by now. its nothing particularly original. take aros and build up from there.
Yes I understand this part and I agree, is what I mention at the end: we don't need these companies for developing and maintaining the platform.

However that doesn't stop these companies from going to YouTube handing DMCA takedown notices about everything and anything they seem fit, sending threatening emails to websites that mention "Amiga" or use a "Checkmark logo" or whatever, etc. etc. This is a whole other issue and something not as easily resolved. They are not just taking legal action against people that provide Kickstart or WOrkbench for free, be very aware of that. They are doing things like "take down that video on Youtube of the Amiga's launch event", which has fuck all to do with KS/WB and as fair use of a historic event, they should not be allowed to take it down, yet , well, Youtube is a fucking disgrace too.

Developing AROS doesn't solve this matter.
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