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Originally Posted by Lord Aga View Post
They do, however, have plenty of time to harass people (myself included) through PMs.
I don't know what they bothered you about (care telling about it?) but sadly yes, that's what happens, they are just out and about taking shit down unashamedly and harassing people who make work for love of the platform.
Originally Posted by wawa View Post
however it ends it will have literally zero consequences. its for the community to get their act together, and cooperate with each other
Exactly what kind of cooperation do you expect to get from a community when a company like Cloanto harasses you over something you have posted online, takes action contacting your host/ISP about it, threatens to initiate legal action against you etc? Is the community willing to provide legal counsel for free to fight that kind of shit? Because I don't see it happening, and having these two disappear would surely be two rocks on our shoes that we can be rid of.

The job of updating/maintaining the operating system can be taken by the community. People from the community like Olaf BArthel are the ones actually doing any work as consultants. We don't need these IP/brand vultures at all. They amount to absolutely nothing in bettering/preserving the Amiga platform, the community as a whole has done a much better job at it than neither of them.
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