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Originally Posted by SKnowles View Post
Hi. I'm Sheryl Knowles and I've just discovered this website. I can answer some of the questions posed in this thread, if anyone is still interested.
Of course! Welcome and thanks for your iconic work. You might think the disk is "badly drawn" but I disagree, and I am really happy to exchange some words with you.

It was not intended to be a literal illustration of the disk or how to use it. It was simply an icon to represent the need to use a disk. The drawing was limited in size and in the number of pixels that could be used, by the programming requirements of the time. All of which should explain why it's a bad drawing. But it was deemed a sufficient icon.
It's more than sufficient, it's perfect!

And I always thought of it as "here is the disk you need" and not "insert the disk this way". I think the graphic is perfectly clear, and the first time I saw it, I thought it was amazing.

All the work you did for the Amiga is greatly appreciated, you and Susan Kare helped shape the imagery of personal computing, and are both great influences in my work. Thanks again.
I also love the graphics on Street Sports Basketball and California Games. Did you do only the AMiga versions or also the C64 ones? How about Road Rash and Desert STrike, especially the later? The graphics on Amiga were very different from the Megadrive versions.
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