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Help required : Old PD demo search.

Hi All,

I hope you can help, I have a vague memory of a demo I bought from a shop in Brierley Hill (West Midlands) called "Mr Disk" (no longer there) .

Any how this was a music demo, all that I can remember is when the demo loaded it showed In effect an empty stage with drums, guitar and ambient lights for the set . It was all done in 2D, the music then followed in which the lights changed for "ambiance".

To be fair the graphics were naff , but I remember the music being fantastic .

I know this is a tenuous with a vague description but if any one an help I would appreciate it , ive spent hours scouring the internet to no avail and its driving me nuts. Probably this weekend I will dig out the amiga and run through the hundreds of disks I have in attempt to search..... and if i'm luck I might find those ....ahem (stag disks).

Thanks all

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