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Originally Posted by idrougge View Post
For the same reason that Cloanto are doing it — money.

Calling one party unable to innovate when the other party simply repackages twenty year old code and freeware is just frivolous.

Exactly! My question as to why Hyperion would start selling their own classic ROMs was rhetorical but apparently you missed it.

As for Hyperion being unable to innovate, I was referring to OS4 which still has rough feature parity with an OS that's 19 years old called Windows 98. The current state of OS4 is a mess. The only "updates" that have come out over the past 13 years have been Band-Aid fixes to get it to run on even more scarce and expensive PPC processors and some patches for its still buggy USB support. There have been advances as far as 3D support but those can't be attributed to Hyperion. Still waiting for multi-user support, SMP, and memory protection.....all things that were promised years ago but Hyperion is obviously unable to deliver.....nothing frivolous there.

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