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Originally Posted by ferrellsl View Post
A dead-end operating system on dead-end PPC hardware. Hyperion has been sniffing around for months to find a way to make money from the renewed interest in classic Amigas spurred on by the Vampire. Why else would they start releasing their own classic ROMs?
For the same reason that Cloanto are doing it — money.

You may like or dislike Hyperion, like or dislike AmigaOS 4 or the PowerPC architecture, but fact is, the number of man years invested by Hyperion on AmigaOS 4 dwarfs Cloanto's ROM burning activities by some orders of magnitude.

Originally Posted by michaelz View Post
Cloanto also has an operating system. They appear to be the copyright owners of everything Commodore wrote until their demise (and came with Kickstart and Workbench 3.X).
There's a different between "owning" and "doing". Cloanto owns AmigaOS 3, but they haven't made AmigaOS 3. They just copy it like anyone with an EPROM burner and two functioning disk drives can do. Hyperion (and its subcontractors) has actually done something more than re-releasing twenty-five year old binaries, although they nowadays do that as well.

Originally Posted by Overflow View Post
I dont see packaging free emulators like a problem. They make the process/userfriendlyness higher, which some might enjoy.
That's not a problem in itself. It's just not innovative in the slightest, but just a matter of use of immaterial rights.
What makes installing WinUAE or FS-UAE less user friendly than Amiga Forever is the very fact that Cloanto own the rights to Kickstart and Workbench, which prevents anyone else from making a one-file distribution of a fully functioning emulator environment. Which puts Cloanto in a "patent troll" position rather than that of an innovator.

Note that my comment was in response to this comment:
Originally Posted by ferrellsl
Typical of Hyperion....unable to innovate so they litigate.....
Calling one party unable to innovate when the other party simply repackages twenty year old code and freeware is just frivolous.
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