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I make graphics for commercial GameboyAdvance games and now also for Movile Phones. I use DpaintV to make graphics.

I tried to get into ProMotio.. I wasnt able. it works to manage palettes and tileset of maps. but I must to draw things in Dpaint.
And promotio is a pixel program.. but refering Photoshop. Impossible to do good pixel works. You have no control of palette and it suuuuuuucks.. the control of the palette is very important
because you usually must to do sprites or smthing with determined amount of colours.

Dpaint is the tool. and must to be amiga version becoz peecee versions sucks.

I make my work in WinUAE. but if I would come back to draw pictures or logos for demoscene,.. I would must to use it on my amiga 1200 becoz, as Akira says, the mouse feels different.

btw, PPaint is also very good, and Brilliance was used for Cyclone/Abyss
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