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The slowdowns on 68030+ machines are another issue I never fully understood. One of those issues is related to running the code from chip memory AFAIK. So the fix is relocating the code in fast memory, but it's not always easy because some games are hardcoded to use chipmem only / have chip-only segments.

I relocated a few CD32 games to fastmem with great results: Body Blows CD32 and Chaos Engine CD32 but that was a lot of work because you must avoid relocating gfx/sound related data to fastmem or the game crashes/you have no video/no sound.

I think SWOS also suffers from this issue, and it depends on the CPU boards.

@daxb it is probably NOT blitterwaits. Yes, some games are reported slower on whdload/kickfs than on original DOS HD, even when running from fastmem...

So different causes, same effect.
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