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Originally Posted by DrBong View Post
EDIT: This paragraph is interesting, though. Why would Hyperion need AInc.'s approval if Hyperion wants to transfer their AmigaOS 3.1 license to a 3rd party, if Cloanto actually owns it?? doesn't really add up.
Because Cloanto bought the rights from AInc. after AInc made a deal with Hyperion. AInc's deal with Cloanto can not retroactively invalidate older contracts with other parties - these contracts, like the AInc-Hyperion settlement, are still valid and the parties who signed them are still bound by the terms defined within.

Depending on the exact deal between AInc and Cloanto, AInc might very well have to ask Cloanto before giving Hyperion a thumbs up/down on transfering their license - but we don't know that, because we don't know the details of the AInc-Cloanto contract.

Originally Posted by michaelz View Post
In the lawsuit between Amiga Inc and Hyperion, that was one reason they settled. Apparently (just heard it, I haven't seen proof) Amiga Inc had to produce false documents to try to win the case.
The judge dismissed one of the contracts they supplied during the court case, because he noticed the date it was allegedly signed didn't match the story they had previously told - it was about a week older than it could have been.

Since most of their backstory was completely made up and all the parties involved in that story were run by the exact same people, it's a safe bet most of their paperwork was made up on the spot. But the only time they got caught was the incident above.
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