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Originally Posted by DrBong View Post
TBH, if AInc. did sell the C= IP to Cloanto.....I have to wonder if it was theirs to sell. I'd love to see the original paperwork for transfer of ownership from Gateway, such was the dishonesty of McEwen and his crooked cronies at AInc.

Yeah, but even after that it's quite fuzzy. They made Amiga Inc go bankrupt, sold the rights to another company under their control and renamed that to Amiga Inc.

In the lawsuit between Amiga Inc and Hyperion, that was one reason they settled. Apparently (just heard it, I haven't seen proof) Amiga Inc had to produce false documents to try to win the case.

This might also make it tough on Cloanto, because indeed, if Hyperion knows something they don't; Cloanto will loose any case against them.
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