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Originally Posted by michaelz View Post
I agree, Cloanto could be better at communication with the community.

If you do happen to find anything else on the matter, I really appreciate it. I'm still trying to figure out everything noteworthy about the current state.
TBH, if AInc. did sell the C= IP to Cloanto.....I have to wonder if it was theirs to sell. I'd love to see the original paperwork for transfer of ownership from Gateway, such was the dishonesty of McEwen and his crooked cronies at AInc.

Anyway, seen all this Amiga company melodrama many times before. Usually lotsa smoke 'n' mirrors and very little ends up being achieved for any party involved (i.e. neither the copyright holders/licensees nor the Ami community).

If we stopped starting these sort of threads on forums in the Ami community, then the likes of Cloanto etc. perhaps wouldn't feel so relevant and might go quietly into the night the same way as AInc......except do it a damn sight quicker. That's my work break done with, must get back to the grind!

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