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I stand corrected, but why not put it on their website if the deal was done back in 2012?? Why do people have to try and hunt down this info. on other websites. It doesn't really bode well for Cloanto to be taken seriously as a reputable company, does it??!!

EDIT: This paragraph is interesting, though. Why would Cloanto need AInc.'s approval if Hyperion wants to transfer their AmigaOS 3.1 license to a 3rd party, if Cloanto actually owns it?? doesn't really add up.

"Hyperion Entertainment, recently declared bankrupt, has a license to modify and distribute AmigaOS 3.1, an exlusive license for the AmigaOS and AmigaOne trademarks (limited for use with AmigaOS 4 or higher) and a non-exclusive license for the BoingBall trademark (limited for use with AmigaOS 4 or higher). Hyperion's license can only be transferred to a third party with Amiga Inc.'s consent."

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